Our Unique Knowledge of Golf Cars Will Help You Get The Best Deal!

We specialize in EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha!

At Paradise Golf Cars we have a unique advantage over other golf cart dealers: we’ve been managing golf courses, buying, running and maintaining golf carts in the Charlotte area of the Carolinas for over 30 years. Most of the golf cars we sell come right off the golf courses we manage. We buy them, maintain them to a high standard, run them on our golf courses, then refurbish them and sell directly to the public.  This “direct from the course to the consumer” approach saves hundreds of dollars – which we can pass on to our clients.

Our knowledge pays off in other ways too!  Over the years, we’ve learned some expensive lessons – and we can share them with you. In fact, if you are in the market for a used golf car, click here to get a free information guide on the 5 Most Expensive Mistakes people make when buying a golf car – and how you can avoid them!

Even though we are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, many of our customers travel from outside that region to buy from us.  They have already found out the secret to successfully buying a golf car!  Our experts will help match your needs to the very best golf cart for you, both in the short term and for the long haul. No matter what your need may be when it comes to golf cars, we offer the best prices, highest quality golf cars and exceptional service.

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